Welcome to the Stream & River Biogeochemistry Lab

Sam Houston State University

Huntsville, Texas USA

Freshwater is one of society's most important resources; however, our sources of freshwater are threatened by a variety of anthropogenic activities from urbanization, eutrophication, and damming, which can all be confounded by climate change. In light of global change, therefore, it is key to understand how these stressors potentially alter ecosystem processes in order to predict and mitigate these threats to our freshwater ecosystems. The research focus of the Stream and River Biogeochemistry Lab at SHSU seeks to understand how streams and rivers transform, store and export carbon and nutrients. We are interested in the interaction of abiotic forcing, such as changes in hydrology, and biotic drivers (from microorganisms to people) on biogeochemical cycling in fluvial freshwaters.

Research interests: ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, stream and river ecology, stream metabolism, carbon and nutrient cycling, anthropogenic stressors on freshwater ecosystems